Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Invisible Life of a Puppeteer talk by my friend Susan Beattie for the Stoke WI last night at the White Rabbit

My friend Susan Beattie a puppeteer who trained in Science gave a fascinating talk at the Stoke Newington WI yesterday with demonstration puppets she had made in India, slides of puppeteering jobs in the alps, Monkey ads for PG Tips and her recent art work made as a result of her MA in Science and Art she is doing in London. She trained in science and ended up making a living in puppeteering! Not the usual way round but very inspiring and different.

Susan talked about artists like Dali finding inspiration from the state between sleep and waking, so for instance Dali would hold a key in his hand in a chair and when he fell asleep the key would drop from his hand onto the floor at that instant when he awoke he would record the images that came into his mind - fascinating might try it...

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